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Add vizCard to Your Business Cards

Adrian Maynard
posted this on November 29, 2010, 12:11 PM

You can easily add your vizCard SearchMe Link or a QR Code to your business cards. Before you begin, sign into Vizibility and copy your SearchMe Link. You'll find your SearchMe Link on the account management page. It looks like "".

Once you have your SearchMe Link, simply paste it onto your business card with your other contact information.

You can also add a QR Code for your SearchMe link. Choosing the QR Code option will allow anyone with a smart phone or other device with a scanner app to view your results on their phone or device. Get your free QR Code by signing into Vizibility. Once you have your code, you can place it on your business card as shown in the example below.


Now anyone who is looking at your business card can easily get to your best results by just typing it into their web browser or scanning your QR Code. If you have a vizCard Premier account, you will be notified by text message or email whenever someone searches for you.

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