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How do I customize the look and feel of the widget?

Adrian Maynard
posted this on January 21, 2011 04:26 PM

For your convenience, we provide the Vizibility Widget code in both a vertical (185x195 pixels) and horizontal (728x66 pixels) layout, using a neutral color palate, and ready to add to your site today. The widget has a grey background color of #D0D0D0 if you wish to place it in a table or graphic and match the colors.

However, if you would like to customize the look and feel of the widget, including the size, colors, fonts, styles, etc., your web team can easily modify the supplied code. The only requirement is that the Vizibility logo is displayed within your customized widget. The widget will not work if the Vizibility logo is removed or modified.

Your widget code also passes your unique Partner Code, allowing our systems to track visitors coming from your site, assign your customers the correct Vizibility account, and display any co-branding.

Visit to see an example of a customized widget.

Vizibility cannot guarantee the performance of the widget code if you make modifications.

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