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How do I add Vizibility to my users’ profiles?

Adrian Maynard
posted this on January 21, 2011 04:46 PM

We offer two simple ways for you to add Vizibility to your users’ profiles. You can allow your users to add either their Vizibility SearchMe Button or Link to their profile, providing anyone who views their online profile one-click access to their personalized, curated Google search results.

Before you can display your customers’ SearchMe Button or Link on their profile pages, you will need to collect and store their Vizibility Alias with the other user details. You can either pull the Alias from the passback URL after your users create their Vizibility account, or you can provide an option for your users to input the Alias on your site manually.

Once you have the Alias, you can either add the Vizibility Button or the Vizibility Link:

Option 1: Adding the Vizibility SearchMe Button

  1. Place the Vizibility button code on your profile page template where you want the button to appear.
  2. Insert the user’s Alias in the appropriate spot.

Option 2: Adding the Vizibility SearchMe Link

  1. Create a text link on your user’s profile, using this text:
    “Search Me on Google”
  2. Link the text to the user’s Vizibility SearchMe Link, inserting the Alias where indicated:

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